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Because everyone’s needs are not the same, it is best to consult your agent to help assess your needs and find the insurance policy that is right for you.

Whether you have a fleet of vehicles for your business or one or two just for your family, car insurance protects you in the event of an auto accident. Car crashes can be costly, especially if they affect how your car runs or if your car can run at all. With car insurance from New Hope Insurance, you can have the protection you need to recover from a car accident.

New Hope Insurance is a local agency that aims to help people in the community of Gastonia, NC, insure their homes, businesses, and even vehicles. Since 2011, our car insurance agents have found the best providers and the best plans that will suit your needs and budget. Contact us today for a consultation.

Auto insurance is required by most states, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t help you. It covers more than just car accidents. If your car is stolen or damaged, insurance can help with costs, and it can also assist if you or other passengers are injured in an accident. Auto insurance covers:

  • Liability. If someone else is injured by or in your car during an accident, insurance will cover your legal responsibilities toward them.
  • Property. If your car is damaged or stolen, the insurance will pay for repairs or replacement.
  • Medical. If you sustain injuries that call for treatment, rehabilitation, or even lost wages, insurance can help.

The agents at New Hope Insurance do more than direct you to a convenient policy. We gather specific information about you and your situation, like how many cars you have and how many children you have, and then we use that information to find the best policy for you. You won’t have to sacrifice coverage for cost, and we’ll answer any questions you have along the way.

As you search for car insurance providers, consider the professionals at New Hope Insurance. Contact us today by calling 704.824.3130 or fill out our online form. Se habla Español.


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